• BMW WeissLicht LED Fog Light Bulbs for M3 coupe E46

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    WeissLicht LED Fog Light Bulbs

    Product Introduction

    WeissLicht Spektrum LED fog light bulbs employ an innovative design, allowing this LED bulb to be more powerful than other LED fog bulbs. While no LED bulb can project like a conventional bulb, nothing matches factory HID Xenon Headlights like Spektrum fog bulbs.

    Features and Benefits Of This Product

    Please note that this product is not meant to be a replacement for your fog lights in terms of performance. They do not project like factory bulbs. These bulbs have a very intense light source when looking at your vehicle, but do not utilize the fog lens in the same manner as conventional bulbs.

    Moreover, most people do not use their fog lights for illuminating the road more effectively, but rather, install them for appearance; and that is where Spektrum bulbs really shine!

    Better matching to BMW HID Xenon Headlights than any available substitute. If you are looking for that perfect match, you've found it with Spektrum (Even better than Xenesis Tru-Match bulbs).
    Although they do not project like fog lights they do have the power to illuminate the ground in front of the vehicle for a few feet.

    Spektrum bulbs operate without an error canceller in many vehicles (like E46). For newer vehicles we supply a plug and play error canceller.