• BMW WeissLicht LED License Plate Illumination Upgrade M3 E46 CSL and non-CSL

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    WeissLicht LED License Plate Illumination Upgrade

    Product Introduction

    Update the look of your vehicles posterior with a high-powered LED replacement kit. Get rid of the dull glow of OEM bulbs and replace them with an ultra-bright white light.

    Features and Benefits Of This Product

    Featuring a chipset with up to 24 SMD (Surface Mounted Device) LEDs in a vehicle custom housing, this product fully replaces your OEM lens. Not only do our WeissLicht license plate lights have OEM fitment but they are also plug and play! Best of all, they are completely ERROR FREE, regardless of the year or model of your vehicle! The LED bulbs have built in resistors and are micro-chipped to prevent any errors, while also having instant start-up time.

    What's Inside The Box

    The kit comes with a pair of replacement units, with a color temperature of 6000k (ultra-bright white) inside of the box.

    Installation Notes

    All you need to remove your existing housings is a screwdriver. Then it's simply of matter of unplugging your old light unit, plugging in the new unit, (where applicable) and popping it back into place. Entire installation can be done in a few minutes! Installation Difficulty: BASIC (Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required)