• Illuminated Shift Knob for BMW

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    Illuminated Shift Knob from Mechunik

    Product Introduction

    Easily installed, these Mechunik LED shift knobs are the great match the M3 vehicles' interior reddish lighting.

    Features and Benefits Of This Product

    Machined out of aluminum, these LED shift knobs are made to feel solid at a weight of over one pound!

    Complimented with a black shifter gate for your choice of 5 or 6 speed transmissions. With a HIGH POWER LED built into the top just under the gate pattern, These shift knobs are the only ones we carry for their excellent fitment and quality.

    For the brushed silver look, the excellent machining work is visible on the silver knobs. Our beryllium finish knobs are anodized using an exclusive process. Our chromed knobs have been chromed to the highest standards to ensure customer satisfaction. Our Black knobs are powder coated to resist scratching and wear.

    What Its Made From

    All our shift knobs are machined out of aluminum for perfect fitment.

    What's Inside The Box

    An Allen key and shift gate emblems are provided with each shift knob, plus two crimping wire connectors.

    Installation Notes

    Mechunik shift knobs are installed using a single headless allen key bolt for the securest possible fitment. This also allows for quick and easy installation.

    No permanent modifications are necessary to your vehicle to make installation of this product possible.

    NOTE: You will be required to remove your original shift knob in order to install these replacements. Removing of your original knob is done by pulling up on the knob with high force.

    NOTE: When tightening the bolts be sure to tighten with high force so that the knob does not loosen while you are driving, while being careful not to strip the threading on the knob itself.

    Note: M series vehicles, M3, M5, MZ3, MZ4, etc. have a one-piece shift knob + shift boot combination. On these cars, this knob is only available with an aftermarket shift boot. Installation Difficulty: BASIC (Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required)